Webpage Samples

This page includes sample screenshots of landing pages for student parents from CSUs, CCCs, and UCs. Date stamps are included as we recognize pages will be updated over time to meet the criteria in the new law with information and resources to support students with dependent children enrolled in the CSUs, CCCS, and UCs.

Please go to the respective institutional pages for the most updated information (LINK).

Naming conventions vary across institutions.  Student parents are also known as 'students with dependents', and 'pregnant and parenting students'. These landing pages were found by typing the institutional name and 'students with dependents', 'parenting students', and/or 'pregnant students' on a web browser and/or within the institutional search engine.

Our team is working on developing additional resources for campus leaders so that they can meet the requirements of the new law.

California State Universities

Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo

UPDATED 3/8/23 to include criteria from AB2881:


California Community Colleges

University of California